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Welcome to the Smirkish World of 30 Smirks
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU Title: First impressions… 
24th-Aug-2010 02:46 am
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
Title: First impressions
Author/Artist: Alex_axle

Theme(s): (include the # number and full theme)
8. Spectacles
Pairing/Characters: George Huang/Elliot Stabler
Rating: T
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed):
Summary (if needed):


“Doc, what’s the deal with those glasses you wore when you came to work here?” Elliot asked. George shrugged.

“I lost my contacts.”

“Why didn’t’ you have a better pair of back-up glasses?”

George smirked. “Why do you care?”

“I don’t know.” Elliot admitted. George laughed.

“You’re just jealous because I can look better than you even though I’m not muscular.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining about my muscles last night.”

“I never complain about them.” George replied.

“Well that’s a good thing.” Elliot said suggestively. He pulled George in closer.

“By the way, you looked hot when you had to wear glasses when you went undercover.” George stated. Elliot silenced him with a searing kiss.


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